…….it is planned to add as much archive information as is practical on this website…..as the NBPT was formed in 1967 this amounts to some considerable amount of archive material including annual reports, newsletters, photographs, drawings, village surveys, planning application consultations, the vernacular building survey, buildings at risk lists and the like.

……if you have any requests for help in connection with buildings in Nottinghamshire please contact the NBPT and we can see if we have any archive material that may be of help…..

The following are pdf file copies of the Annual Reports…..we have copies of each except the second annual report of 1968/69……you can help us if you have a copy!

NBPT-1967-68 First Annual Report
NBPT-1969-70 Third Annual Report
NBPT-1970-71 Fourth Annual Report
NBPT-1987-88 Twenty-first Annual Report
NBPT-2015-16 Forty-ninth Annual Report

The following are pdf file copies of the Reports and Newsletters…..you will see that the style, media and regularity has varied over the years…

NBPT First Newsletter
NBPT 1976/77 Newsletter
NBPT 1978/01 Newsletter

last update: 9th March, 2017