Ernest Lester J.P.

“Councillor A.E. Lester was a founder of the Trust and its first Chairman, when it was founded in 1967. He served the Trust as Chairman for 9 years until ill-health forced his resignation in 1976. The Trust was only the tenth such Trust to be founded in the country and it is reported that he chaired the Trust “with great vigour and humour”.

Jack Lowe

“The primary initiative of founding the Trust, in 1967, came from a former County Director of Planning, Jack Lowe. Jack saw it as a way of taking advantage of new legislation which gave local authorities (county and district councils) powers to make grants towards the conservation of what one might call ordinary houses, as distinct from the large country houses which hitherto had been the only ones eligible for grants from national funds (the Historic Buildings Council).
Jack Lowe was County Director of Planning for Lincolnshire, before coming to Nottinghamshire, where he was County Director of Planning from 1964 to 74. He left to join the private sector in Bristol.

Keith Train M.A. F.S.A.

Keith Train died peacefully on 26th March, 1985, aged 79. He was a founder member of the Trust and served as a member of the Management Committee for many years. Keith Train was an historian, broadcaster and writer. Born in Bedford, he taught at the High Pavement School in Nottingham for forty years, latterly as deputy headmaster until his retirement in 1966. As a writer, he is best known for his “Train on Churches” published in conjunction with his Radio series of the same title. He acted as Secretary and then Chairman of the Thoroton Society for many years. Keith Train also served on many other committees and organisations associated with the County. He was the authority on Nottinghamshire Churches and Chairman of the Diocese Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches, as well as being involved with the Nottinghamshire Local History Society. See also The Thoroton Society Transactions – Volume 89, pages 10-13.