Former Members

Prominent Former Trust Members

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Jack Lowe

Jack Lowe the County Director of Planning from 1964 to 74 was a founding member of the Trust.  Jack saw the NBPT as a vehicle to channel new grants from county and district councils towards the conservation of ordinary houses.

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Ernest Lester J.P.

Councillor A.E. Lester was a founder of the Trust and its first Chairman (1967 to 1976).   His 9 year chairmanship is reported to have been under taken “with great vigour and humour”.

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Dr.Norman Summers

One of the Trust’s original members who played a key role in establishing both the character of the work of the Trust and the high standards for which it became respected.

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Maurice Barley

A former chairman of the Trust, Maurice Barley remained a member of the Management Committee of the Trust until his death in 1991.

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Harry Johnson

The Architect Henry ‘Harry’ Johnson played a major role in the early days of the Trust.  He brought the highest standards of taste and style in architecture along with a deep practical knowledge. His manner was quiet and restrained but still authoritative. The Harry Johnson Award was set up in his honour.

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Imogen Skirving

Imogen Skirving of Langar Hall took over the Chair of the Trust from Ernest Lester in 1976.  “Imogen was a jolly, energetic chair with boundless enthusiasm for caring and preserving the beautiful buildings of all sizes which go to make the character of our county”.  -Graham Beaumont

Past Trustees and Officers

The NBPT’s trustees and officers since 1967 are listed here.


Cllr. A. E. Lester JP 1967 – 1976
Mrs. I. M. Skirving JP 1976 – 1977
Prof. M. W. Barley MA FSA FR HISTS 1977 – 1987
Cllr. F. Higgins 1987 – 1990
Cllr. R. P. Gilbert 1990 – 1995
Mr. M. E. Adlington 1995 – 2002
Mrs. M. Hall 2002 – 2004
Mr. S. Squires 2004
Miss. S. Summers 2004 – 2009
Cllr. Mrs. M. Stockwood 2009 – 2018
Cllr. P. Duncan 2018 – 2019
Mr. D. D. Atkins 2019 –     


Mr. G. Boylin JP (Sec/Treas) 1967 – 1974
Mr. J. Hammond 1974 – 1977
Mr. R. Middleton 1977 – 1981
Mr. G. Turner 1981 – 2008
Mr. D. D. Atkins 2008 – 2019
Mr. A. J. Wahlers 2019 –


Mr. G. Boylin JP (Sec/Treas) 1967 – 1974
Mr. J. Farrer, IPFA, FRVA 1974 – 2005
Mr. L. Barlow 2005 – 2006
Mrs. M. Stockwood 2007 – 2008
Mrs. D. McGowan 2008 – 2012
Mr. P. Duncan 2012 – 2013
Mr. D. Atkins 2013 – 2016
Mr. J. N. Dawson 2016 –


Mr. A. R. Davis CBE DL 1967 – 1974
Mr. J. Hammond 1974 – 1990
Mr. A. Sandford LLB 1977 – 1981
Mr. C. P. McKay MA 1990 – 1994


Mr. H. A. Johnson FRIBA 1967 – 1975
Dr. N. Summers AADipl FRIBA AILA 1967 – 1976


Mr. W. H. Lake FIMTA 1967 – 1970
Mr. A. Grundy FCA 1970 – 1974
Mr. G. E. Daniel FCA IPFA FRVA 1974 – 1981
Mr. P. McGowan FCA 1981 – 1991
Mr. J. N. G. Howitt 1991 – 2013
Community Accounting Plus 2013 –


Cllr. R.P. Gilbert 1995 – 2003

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