Nottinghamshire Building Preservation Trust

Protecting and Enhancing Nottinghamshire’s Built Environment.

‘Historic preservation does so much more than preserve bricks and mortar.  It recognizes that our built history connects us with our past in a tangible way.’

Ernst Johnson – Architect

What we do

Station House Collingham


The trust is proud to take an active hand in preserving buildings across Nottinghamshire. Click on the image above to see just some of our projects

Thoroton Dovecote

Dovecote Fund

The Trust has been involved in repairing Dovecotes for over 35 years. The first dovecote repaired with the aid of the Dovecote Fund was that at Wollaton Hall, which was completed under the direction of John Severn in 1986 by the Family First Projects Agency

Buildings at Risk

The aim of this register is to raise awareness of the problems relating to historic buildings at risk to the wider public. It also aims to prompt action to promote repair of these buildings and secure their long-term future.



The Trust maintains archives of newsletters and photos. More photos of Nottinghamshire buildings