Welcome to the Notts Building Preservation Trust

The aim of the Notts Building Preservation Trust is to protect, restore and enhance all historic buildings within the County of Nottinghamshire. The Trust was founded in February 1967, following the passing of the Civic Amenities Act, which established the concept of conservation areas in the town and countryside. The history of the NBPT and details of prominent members can be viewed separately.

The Trust was created and registered as a Charity and as a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital.

Registered Charity No 254094
Registered Charity No 254094

The Trust has subsequently been run by a Council of Management, the members of which are, nominally, both Charity Trustees and Company Directors.

The Council comprises members nominated by subscribing Local Authority Councils and Voluntary Societies and also includes six members elected at the Annual General Meeting.

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The Council itself is advised by a panel of qualified experts, architects, planners and historians.

The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are all elected and unpaid.

The professional work is carried out by architects, engineers, solicitors and other professionals engaged by the Trust but the advisers and admin backup are provided by unpaid volunteers.

The Trust is now looking to the future and is in need of new, younger members to assist and forward the thinking and actions of the Trust, based on the foundations established over the past fifty years. In November 2007 the Trust moved to a new base in the town of Southwell. In 2017 the Trust celebrated its 50th year!

History of Trust

Registered Charity Number: 254094

Company Registration Number: 897822